Echelon enables OEMs, application developers, and integrators to rapidly build innovative and interoperable solutions that meet the unique requirements of the IIoT, which include autonomous control, industrial-strength reliability, and legacy protocol support. A proven open-standard and multi-application technology, Echelon’s IzoT platform and family of stacks, chips, and modules deliver true interoperability for both existing and new devices in the IIoT. With more than 25 years of real-world experience in the building automation industry, Echelon delivers benefits that often extend throughout the life of the building, and beyond.

Case Studies

Echelon Technology Improves Hospital Operating Rooms

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Echelon Commercial Building Automation Solutions Boost Energy Efficiency, Reduce Costs, and Improve Tenant Comfort

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McDonald's in Riverside, California Turns Kitchen Green and Efficient

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See convergence of building and lighting systems into one.

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